25 March 2006

.::What's Been Happening Lately::.

Recently, the Washington Post showed it's true Right Wing leanings when it created a winger (right wing) website and named it Red America. Media Matters, as usual, does a great job of explaining the obviously partisan manuever by the Post.

Journalism's left wing Don Quixote, Greg Palast, has again been ignored by corporate-owned media, despite another tight piece in The Guardian called Bush Didn't Bungle Iraq, You Fools: THE MISSION WAS INDEED ACCCOMPLISHED. He makes the case that the war (on terrah in Iraq) was actually begun to keep oil out of the international market so the oil companies could profit.

Meanwhile down under, Scoop News in New Zealand disseminated an article from the Atlanta Progressive News organization telling anyone interested in knowing that 30 members of Congress support an impeachment hearing for Chimpy McCokespoon. Corporate-owned media, on the other hand, decided that the Senate Democrats unwillingness to support Senator's Feingold call to censor was the end all and be all of the whole story.

And, finally we come to voting suppression, intimidation and outright fraud. It seems voting scandals are breaking out across the country like acne on a teenager's face! There were important stories ignored by the MSM (mainstream media a/k/a corporate-owned media) from Alaska, California, Texas, Maryland, Florida and Utah. But that's an incomplete list. Brad Blog is the best source of information for this that I've found.

Undoubtedly the average citizen can tell you all about the last American Idol episode, but they are blissfully unaware that this democratic republic is being decidedly changed into a Banana Republic.

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