03 August 2004

Living in New York ...Brooklyn to be exact!!

I've been here since the 1st of July and discovered that the South does NOT have a monopoly on stupid or unthinking people. Of course, I knew that before I got here, but for some reason was still surprised to encounter so many of them.

With a dense population comes more of every kind of people, obviously. I just envisioned a more enlightened populace, a more politically aware citizenry, a more thoughtful constituency. What I have found instead is a mass of ignoramuses who are smart enough to know how to cut down their commute time by catching two different subway lines and then a bus, or who know how to feed themselves well for $5 a day, but believe the machinations of the political system are unrelated to the hardships in their lives.

I am working (temporarily) for the popular clothing designer Liz Claiborne and the vapid conversations that go on are enough to drive me right back to the heat and humidity of Florida... if I wasn't so in love with the other stuff (and people) the city has to offer, including 24-hour access to just about everything!

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