02 May 2004

You Didn't Expect This?

The recent revelations that American and British soldiers have .::abused::. detained Iraqis shouldn't be surprising. In fact, it should have been expected.

In the direct aftermath of the terrorist attack on the US, there were very public statements made by US officials explaining the usefulness of torture, and we eventually began .::shipping individuals::. we detained to countries that practice it. In conversations and debates during the build-up to the illegal invasion, many Americans dehumanized Iraqis, and all other people who weren't American or didn't support our plans to invade the sovereign nation. Reports of abuse at .::Guantanamo::. don't make mainstream news often, but they are there, like the stench of rotting garbage that everyone pretends not to smell so they won't be responsible for taking it out. After the assassination of two Hamas leaders by Ariel Sharon, even .::Howard Dean supported::. the murders.

The fish rots from the head down!

The barbarity of our leaders was manifested in the behavior of the soldiers. The rage and latent racism of the average American (.::including US soldiers::.) was fostered by a misadministration that specializes in deceit, because of its own bigotry and delusions of devine inspiration.

All it took to turn fresh-faced, patriotic troops into sadistic savages were instructions from .::Pentagon-hired mercenaries::. —trained in the fine art of torture & abuse. Voila! The liberators supplant Saddam's brutality with their own.

Mission Accomplished.