17 March 2004

Late, But Great, News

President Aristide did .:arrive in Jamaica:. safely on Monday. He's in an undisclosed location, undoubtedly to avoid any possible assassins sent by the U.S.

What? That's sounds too far fetched? P-shaw! As if the U.S. hasn't publicly contemplated the reinstatement of "legal assassination", as if the U.S. hasn't secretly assassinated leaders of other countries.

Both Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice continue in their roles as Black face clowns for the Gee Dubya administration when they pooh-poohed Aristide's return to the Caribbean. I believe it was Donald Rumsfeld who went 10 steps farther (to the right) when he suggested that the Haitian President not return to the Western Hemisphere!

Good golly Miss Molly! So much for freedom.

Much more to come...

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