02 February 2004

Oh' Janet!

Whether Janet Jackson's .:boob exposure:., during the super bowl's half-time show, was an accident or intentional is inconsequential to the current brouhaha bubbling over into today's news. It was a just breast, a breast covered by an interesting sun-shaped piece of body jewelry, no less. It wasn't her genitals . . .thank goodness! It certainly wasn't any more shocking than seeing Lil' Kim's barely-covered breast during the awards show she attended several years ago, and it had more air-time. There wasn't even the hint of lesbianism that happened with Lil' Kim —Diana Ross wasn't there to reach out and touch it.

FEC Chairman, .:Michael Powell:., is outraged they say. Boy, please!! You have more important issues to mull over than the alleged accidental appearance of Janet's right boob. You've been a reckless shill for media consolidation, and CBS' refusal to air both the story about Ronnie "I can't remember" Raygun and the Moveon.org ad is the direct result.

MTV has apologized. Justin Timberlake has apologized. CBS has apologized.

What more do other outraged citizens want to happen? Get over it. Children will not be forever traumatized if they caught a peek of a Black woman's tittie. The sun will still rise and set each morning.

Please, don't carry on so.

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